Secure payment

L & rsquo; registration involves partial or immediate payment of the price.

You choose the payment method from those offered by our site.

Are not regarded as full debt : delivery d & rsquo; a no charge card as the & rsquo; approval of the payment center n & rsquo; not intervene, or d & rsquo; a check, check vacancy or a transfer as they are not charged.

We accept the following payment methods:

Bank card

Payment is made according to the conditions of the SSL general payment system according to the specific technical details of E-Transaction.

Insured by accordance with its terms of & rsquo; use of this service, payment from the customer s & rsquo; place in a secure environment, under his sole control.

If the & rsquo; payment authorization is refused by the & rsquo; banking organization, the command would simply canceled.

Credit card numbers are not in any case disclosures.

Online payment on our site is the & rsquo; & rsquo subject; a security system.

Secure payment by credit card is completely safe : it uses SSL. All information concerning your credit card is highly secure encryption and can not be the & rsquo; & rsquo subject; interception by third parties.

Payment by check:

Payment by check n & rsquo; is possible for checks in euros drawn on a French bank.

The check should be made to the & rsquo; order of SKYDIVE CENTER sarl, and sent to the & rsquo; Headquartered address :

Gap Tallard airfield – 160 St. Pierre Georges Latécoère – 05130 TALLARD

A single check the amount of the order (one-time payment)
You send your check & rsquo; address indicated, we acknowledge receipt. We cash your check & rsquo; shipment of the package.

three checks the total amount of the order divided by 3 (payment 3x toll)
You send your three checks, we acknowledge receipt. We conceded the first third of the second one month later and the third 2 months later. We will send the package that & rsquo; once 3 checks received and validated by our bank.

It n & rsquo; there is no fee c & rsquo; is completely free.

Bank Transfer:

Our bank details will be given once your order is placed and after select this payment method.
The acceptance of your order as ” PAYEE ” will be performed by our accounting department after verification of your transfer.

Check holiday grouped Tire / Sodexo / Vacation check:

Holiday vouchers will be sent registered mail with return receipt to the & rsquo; Head office address :

Gap Tallard airfield – 160 St. Pierre Georges Latécoère – 05130 TALLARD

It n & rsquo; is not possible to be making change if the amount of holiday vouchers exceeds the amount of the order. If & rsquo; cancellation, c & rsquo; is the value of the order will be refunded, after deducting applicable d & rsquo; d & rsquo any charges; cancellation, and not the value of holiday vouchers which have been issued.