Vigil déclencheur sécurité

The safety release Vigil our team parachutes.
The Vigil has been designed and developed by a team of engineers and paratroopers.
Its function is to automatically trigger the opening of the reserve parachute in case of problems.
In conclusion, c & rsquo; is your guardian angel !!!

Sun parachute manufacturer Path

Bag sail we chose Sun Path to his parachute raises the ” Javelin Student“.
These products are positioned among the best skydiving equipment market.
For more than 30 years, Sun Path range is synonymous with quality, Sustainability and innovation.

Performance Designs

Leader in the manufacture of sails, Performance Design to come up with a veil dedicated to the student to facilitate the & rsquo; Canopy piloting of learning.
this sail, the “NAVIGATOR” is in each of our parachutes students.

skydiving equipment Parasport

We are dealer of the brand Parasport italia.
skydiving equipment manufacturer. Altimeter, Glasses fall, helmet or combination.
All the material useful for jumping in comfort.


We are reseller of Alti-2 mark.
The American specialist in altimeter for skydiving

Our partners follow us for our professionalism and our seriousness.

The Gap Raptors

Most SKYDIVE CENTER, are ourselves a partner of the club of Gap RAPTORS.

We are proud to contribute to the life and success of the club The Gap Raptors – Professional Ice Hockey Club




Our communication partner, the design and production of our products