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Skydive Center, Professional Skydiving center of High mountains,
specialist freefall baptism.
Looking for a gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, bachelor funeral ...
Or simply make an appointment to skydive !!!

Stop searching c & rsquo; is here !!!

We offer parachute jumps tandem 4000 meters d & rsquo; altitude
MAX for d & rsquo; adrenaline with Video or Video + Optional Photos.

Our skydiving center is based on l & rsquo; Gap Tallard Airfield ( 05 ), open from early March to late November for jumps,
and all the & rsquo; year for requests & rsquo; information and reservations.

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Gift ticket valid one year, order, print and offer him ... it's won !!!
Booking, contact us before, to check availability.

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