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Stage PAC

Skydive Center, professional skydiving center, Specialist skydiving training ( Stage PAC).
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We offer different formulas to discover and learn skydiving.
All our courses are conducted at our center based on Aerodrome Gap Tallard ( 05 )

P.A.C. ( progression accompanied falling )

The Progress Accompanied in Fall internship, said CAP internship, Skydiving is a learning method.
The objectives of this course are the acquisition of a stable drop position and mastery of a good opening, the right height.
The first day is devoted to theoretical courses.
The next day it s & rsquo; team and c & rsquo; left for the first parachute jump with a minute of free fall 4000 meters held by your two monitors.
A 1500 meters you open your parachute and is learning under the veil during 7 minutes around assisted ground radio.
During the following days, you make two or three jumps a day and learn how to fold your parachute. To validate your skills, you make your first solo jump.
All your jumps accompanied by a monitor will be filmed for DVD and debriefings will be offered at the end of the course.

Three internship formulas P.A.C.:

Formula 1 : Stage PAC ” CLASSIC “ 1590 € ttc
Formula 3 : Stage PAC ” PREMIUM Letter A “ : 1975 € ttc

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