SKYDIVE CENTER – Skydiving Center

Skydive Center, is a professional organization specializing in skydiving.
Located onGap Tallard airfield, it was created in 2007 through Sylvain de Gorter.
Our goal is to introduce you to the world of free fall, to share with you an unspeakable emotion that can not be explained in words
thanks to the skills and professionalism of our instructors.
To share our passion, We invite you to experience the greatest sports experience of your life.
That ofa tandem skydiving, baptism freefall.
If the virus takes you drop, we will accompany you in CAP training several days to send you our technical and make you a skydiver.
Discover now all our products to discover and learn the skydiving.
Soon in our sky !!!

We love gossip !!!

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