CAP initiation jump

CAP initiation jump. Made the first jump d & rsquo; a CAP internship.
C & rsquo; is after 1/2 training day and accompanied by two instructors in fall you will experience your first jump with parachute.
Order a gift ticket or book directly your jump d & rsquo; CAP initiation.


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    *Jumper size

    For calculating your BMI (Weight / Cut (m.)/Cut (m.) Example 60 kg / 1.60 metres / 1.60 metres) or directly to this site (right click on new tab)

    Jumping BMI <30
    cancellation insurance

CAP Initiation Jumping Gap Tallard (05)

You hesitate to commit to full training?
So test on 1 jump d & rsquo; CAP initiation !

C & rsquo; is after 1/2 Theoretical training day, you will discover the feeling of 50 seconds freefall 4000 meters d & rsquo; altitude sidebar 2 instructors will guide you through this new experience.
After opening your parachute 1500 meters, you will pilot your sailing up & rsquo; s a & rsquo; landing assisted by radio, you don & rsquo; will that & rsquo; to follow the instructions given.
D & rsquo; other, your jump will be filmed by the & rsquo; one of the monitors and we will give you USB key images of your jump d & rsquo; CAP initiation.

Included in your package

Theoretical training
Jump with 2 monitors
A rental equipment ( combination, parachute, altimeter, helmet, radio )
A ground pass card
The video of your jump will be sent to you by email
A day insurance

Required conditions :

Provide 2 days with us
Age minimum 15 years + Parental consent for minors and the presence of & rsquo; a legal guardian
Medical certificate d & rsquo; a GP
Keeping and low sports shoes recommended ( no hook shoe )
Especially normally have lunch before jumping, and most important step d & rsquo; alcohol in 12 last hours
No diving in 48 preceding h

maximum weight 90 kg
Training on Monday morning or Friday afternoon

A video, below, this jump d & rsquo; CAP initiation kind, this will give you a concrete idea of ​​what awaits you !!!

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