Tandem Jump

Parachuting tandem with & rsquo; Airfield Gap Tallard ( 05 ) PACA. Order a gift or ticket Book direct your tandem jump.


  • Select the command type: Confirm a reservation or order a gift ticket

    For reservations, please indicate the date you sell you agreed with our secretariat

    *Booking Date
    *Choice Season

    For a gift ticket, indicate the name and surname of the people offering the tandem jump

    Who offers the jump ?
    Full name of jumping
    *Jumper's date of birth
    *Jumper size (cm)
    *Weight jumping

    For calculating your BMI (Weight / Cut (m.)/Cut (m.) Example 60 kg / 1.60 metres / 1.60 metres) or directly to this site (right click on new tab)

    Jumping BMI <30
    Option video

    The group rate is only valid for 4 minimum people live ( Boxes or other tickets outside Skydive Center are not included)

    *Number of people
    cancellation insurance

Jumping tandem Gap Tallard (05)

After the presentations with your instructor and training detailing the various procedures to follow, your monitor will equip you to take the plunge.
After that, direction 4000 meters d & rsquo; altitude, the mounted air will last about fifteen minutes aboard our Pilatus PC6. Once up c & rsquo; left for 50 seconds freefall 200 km/h.
C & rsquo; is 1500 meters d & rsquo; altitude that your monitor will trigger the & rsquo; opening of the parachute and then you can enjoy d & rsquo; a walk under sail d & rsquo; about 5 at 8 minutes before you ask.
After your tandem jump, we will give you your well earned degree !!!

Furthermore, to d & rsquo; immortalize your jump, an option Video or Video + photos is possible.

Tandem Jump:

the briefing
A parachute jump in tandem 4000 meters d & rsquo; altitude
The video and/or photos option ( optional )
The degree of your baptism of free fall

Required condition:

Predicting 1/2 day on site
Age minimum 12 years ( Certificate & rsquo; an ENT doctor up & rsquo; to 15 years ) + parental consent for minors and the presence of & rsquo; a legal representative.
A medical d & rsquo certificate, a general practitioner
Keeping and low sports shoes recommended ( no hook shoe )
Especially having lunch normally before jumping, and not d & rsquo; alcohol in 12 last hours
No diving in 48 preceding h
maximum weight 90 kg, Beyond contact us. We limit the maximum weight 100 kg, and BMI (Body Mass Index) must not exceed 30. To find your BMI we have implemented a calculator footer.

You can download the fact sheet, to d & rsquo; have the plan & rsquo; s access & rsquo; airport and save time to find our car park.

Fact Sheet here

For the & rsquo; video option we offer two different formulas. The onboard video and external video. You can view the video below to pick the one that suits you best. L & rsquo; n & rsquo Photo option, that can & rsquo; with an outdoor video.

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