Stage PAC “COOL”

Internship CAP formula “COOL” a week 8 jumps. Learn to control your body in free fall and steer your parachute under sail. Order a gift ticket or book now your learning week. 10 minute optional fan possible !!!

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Progression Course Accompanied in Fall ( PAC ) ” COOL”

It is a skydiving learning method. The objectives of this course are the acquisition of a stable drop position and mastery of a good opening, the right height.
The first day is devoted to theoretical courses.
Then the next day we team and go to the first parachute jump with a minute of free fall 4000 meters held by your two monitors.
A 1500 meters you open your parachute and is learning under the veil during 7 minutes around assisted ground radio.
During the following days, you make two or three jumps a day and learn how to fold your parachute.
To validate your internship CAP guests must 7th solo jump jump your internship.

On the other hand all your jumps accompanied by a monitor will be filmed for briefings and debriefings.

Remember to take a USB key 8 Remember to take a USB key

NEW: As part of your CAP training we can offer 10 minute blower with coach divided into different niches. Each niche will allow you to progress more easily. The wind tunnel is a great teaching tool !!!

Stage P.A.C. formula COOL

Theoretical training
6 jumps with instructors and 2 Solo jumps ( 8 jumps in total )
Licence – Assurance FFP pour 30 days
A rental equipment ( combination, parachute, altimeter, helmet, radio )
A ground pass card
folding during your parachute
Your jump book
A pair of drop glasses

Remember to take a USB key 8 Remember to take a USB key.
10 minute optional blower

Required conditions :

Plan a week from Monday to Friday
Age minimum 15 years + Parental consent for minors, presence of a legal representative on compulsory up
Medical certificate d & rsquo; a GP
Dress and shoes low sports Recommended ( no hooks )
Have lunch before jumping normally and especially no alcohol in 12 last hours
No diving in 48 preceding h
maximum weight 90 kg
Training on Monday morning

Below is a video d & rsquo; a CAP internship

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