Saut d'initiation PAC


You hesitate to commit to full training ?
So test on a jump PAC initiation !

Skydive Center, professional parachuting center of High mountains, Training Specialist skydiving offers to try the jump discovery:
C & rsquo; is after 1/2 Theoretical training day, you discover the thrill of free fall during 50 seconds from 4000 meters along with your 2 monitors
that will guide you through this new experience.
Liver opening your parachute 1500 meters, you will pilot your sailing to landing assisted by radio.

D & rsquo; other, your jump will be filmed by one of the 2 instructors and will be sent to you via a link in your mailbox.

Control Type:

Gift ticket valid one year, order, print and offer him… c & rsquo; is won !!!
Booking, contact us before, to check availability.

The course of this break is over two days.
The training is either on Monday morning and you jump on Tuesday morning, or Friday afternoon and Saturday morning you jump.

Download now the file to the medical certificate right here and give it to your GP